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Sunmall Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Sunmall Co., Ltd., is a Taiwanese manufacturer and supplier of thumbtacks, grommet kit, grommets, grommet tool, eyelets, eyelet kit, drawing pin, etc. Sunmall Co., Ltd., established in 1982, has become a top supplier offering reliable, quality products at very competitive price to customers around the world. Sunmall Co., Ltd. is as flexible as possible in all situations. Please call us or e-mail us if you have any request for our products.

Main Products

Thumbtacks: (1) 3/8’ thumbtacks, including nickel plated, brass plated and Vinyl Cap. (2) Fancy shaped thumbtacks, such as star, flower, heart, diamond, pine, car, tower shape, etc. Color available: nickel plated, brass plated, enamel, metallic enamel, painting, etc.

Grommet kit/ eyelet kit. For repairing tent, canvas, sailcloth, covers, etc, this handy kit contains grommets with hole punching tool and setting tool.

services: Eyelet,Grommet,Thumbtack,Drawing Pins,Tools,and Accessories